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Good Catches for April

Good Catches for April

Well the 2018 Season set off with a grand beginning then came the Beast from the East, no wonder angler numbers dropped off; we had rain, snow, sleet, wind, hail and just about every other bad weather condition thrown at us. Leighton has remained at a high level being topped up with the cold snow melt water; this did put the fish off the take for a while.  Never mind we know that you fishermen are made of stern stuff and kept stocking, so that everything was ready for your return.  Return you did, and we have had reports of good catches throughout the month, so far we have seen returns of high teens, twenties and even thirties. A fair few doubles have been caught, various colour Fritz, Cats Whisker and Dawsons Olive seem to be getting takes.

Cats Whisker and Dawsons Olive gave Steve Barrett three of 3lb and returned 31 between 2-4lb

William Leitch also found the Dawsons Olive successful; he returned 18 after bagging three between 2.5 and 6.75lb

Mr Hirst used a Black Fritz to land a 4.5lb and an 8.5lb going on to return 27 more between 2\3lb

Michael Connorton had a good day keeping a 6lb, 7lb and 10lb and putting 38 back including 4 more doubles

With Spring/Summer finally here, the fly life is beginning to emerge and along with rising temperatures the fishing should continue to reward anglers with catches. It will be time to break out the Hares ear, Bibio and possibly a dry sedge or Klink hammer.

Don’t forget our Evening Ticket runs from 4pm so make the most of the lighter nights.

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