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Angling at Bessy Beck

At Bessy Beck we provide fly fishing for all ability levels and all ages at in a beautiful Cumbrian setting.

The lakes have been established for a number of years and have a varied fly life and they are suitable for any form of fly fishing. They are stocked from our rearing facility at Bessy Beck with Triploid Rainbow trout and blue trout.

We can accommodate up 30 anglers at any one time at our fly fishing ponds. Anglers are requested to move positions at regular intervals giving all anglers the fair chance at ‘hot spots’.

Please note we can only accept cash for permits and operate a self-service system. Please bring correct payment.

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The Island Lake and Heron lakes

The Island Lake is approximately 2 acres and the Heron Lake is 1 acre, the depth of the lakes varies from 4ft to 11ft and the water being spring fed is always clear.

The lakes are stocked with Rainbow trout, Blue trout and there are a number of wild Brown trout which are all returned when caught.

Catch and release is allowed on both these Lakes, however anglers may take up to 3 fish per session then catch and release up to their permitted hours.

The majority of fish are between 2lb to 5lb but 10lbto 15lb trout are regularly caught. No fish above 5lb may be killed.

An aerator is positioned in the centre of each lake which oxygenates the water in the summer giving better sport when temperatures are high and in the winter, it prevents most of the lakes from freezing over.

The Mallard Lake Now All Weather Leisure Bait and Fly Fishing

The Mallard Lake is slightly smaller than the Island at 1.5 acres with a depth of around 10ft the banks are flat and easily accessible.

The lake is now under the management of All Weather Leisure, Neil.  All fishing must be pre booked. This is the perfect venue for tuition, and corporate events, or for those who just want to take a few fish home. We specialise in instant fish and instant fishermen. The fish are stocked at between 1.25lb and 2lb, with a number of much larger trout, all good eating