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Late Spring early Summer at Leighton Reservoir

Late Spring early Summer at Leighton Reservoir

Hello to all our anglers, we are happy to report much improved weather conditions since our last update.  The Beast from the East seems to be a fading memory. The water level has dropped slightly, however the catches remain very high and we have had large numbers fishing and catching.  There is a large amount of fly life, damsels, sedges and mayfly all putting in appearances. With the lighter longer days we should start to see daddy’s, maybe worth trying these and small hares ears.

We are aware that some anglers are either not adhering to or maybe do not know our rules.  So to be clear, a ticket allows for one rod only to be used at a time, for instance no rods to be left unattended, your ticket covers your first 3 fish, if you wish to take any, and then catch and release.  No Barbed Hooks are allowed at all.  Recently we have had people using Boobies on a static line set up, when the rod is left, the fish tend to take the fly right down, making retrieving the hook almost impossible, and the fish do not survive this kind of treatment.  We are now banning the use of Boobies totally.    We realize that the vast majority of our anglers are folk who do appreciate our quality trout, but if you do see any bad practice, please do bring it to our attention. There will be more checks around the reservoir from now on.

On a lighter note, we have seen lots of great returns, John Remy returned 24, Ryan Matthews returned a massive 70 on one day and 58 on another, keeping 2 at 5lb he was using buzzers and dries. Josh Piper kept a 6, 5 and 4lb returning a further 15 between 3 and 7lb.  Michael Connorton had a 5, 4 and 3lb and put back 57…..Paul Dunn kept 3 around the 3lb mark and returned 18. Andy Grabham had success with blob and buzzer, landing a 5lb and 2 at 2lb returning 33, Graham Sowerby kept 3 at 2lb and returned 39 between 2/3lbs.  All in all a very productive time.

Seems the weather may have some changes for us in late June and July, let’s see what it brings, the one thing you can be sure of, is that we will continue our stocking levels so there will be plenty of fish for you to catch.

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