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Bessy Beck

Summer 2021 NEWS

LEIGHTON RESERVOIR SUMMER NEWS It has been good to see so many anglers back on the bank at Leighton.  One of the most herd comments has been “just great to be able to get out again” Everyone is pleased to return to something near to normal.  Team Leighton are stocking on a regular basis to ensure good catch...

BIG FISH WEEK News from Leighton Reservoir October 2019 Well firstly, our Big Fish Week will start on Saturday 12th October; leading up to the start date the team will be doing the usual stocking plus over 100 double figure trout. The water level is well high and we don’t foresee any problems getting all the heavies into the reservoir. So get your tackle ready for a great week. Team Leighton has a new member, Scott is based at Glasshouses and will be working with Josh and Mike at Swinton and Leighton Reservoir. The season so far has been very mixed; the weather has been a challenge at times, wind and rain in August made fishing almost impossible. However, all that rain has kept the water level up and so far September and October have produced some great fishing. Now that the road closing, two wheeled lycra gang have finished with Yorkshire we can look forward to a good few months of uninterrupted accessible angling. Our season goes on through until 5th January 2020 closing for a few weeks and then opening again mid March. Payment for tickets next year will be on a cash only basis, we are not going to accept cheques from the end of this year. Remember to fill in your catch returns so we can share in your good catches. Tight lines Team Leighton

Time sure flies, its five years since the Riddell’s took over the fishing at Leighton Reservoir and the fish farm at Swinton. Leighton Reservoir takes a lot of looking after, keeping it stocked to a level so that it provides good sport, not too easy and not too hard, judging from the catch returns we do, dare I say have quite a number of happy fishermen! At the end of the day, it’s you, the anglers that make the place what it is, so thank you to all of you who come and fish. Even the most experienced angler has bad days, but even on the days where you do not actually catch trout, Leighton Reservoir is a beautiful peaceful place to sit and watch the world go by. Earlier this month we launched a new website, a group one with loads of information about each of our sites, Swinton and Bessy Beck trout farms, Leighton Reservoir and Bessy Beck trout fishery, please take a look and let us know what you think. Over the past five years we have been building our stock on the farm, and we are now able to provide high quality fish for re stocking other fisheries. We are seeking new customers to add to the ones we already service. If you are a member of any club or syndicate who run a trout fishery please contact us for a competitive quote, we can supply various sizes of trout.