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December up date

December up date

A Note to all Anglers

Team Leighton and I would like to address the extremely hard fishing of late. Despite our continued efforts to get the fishing going, with an increase in stocking and big fish week, it would seem from the returns, things have not improved and this has left us more than a little deflated. It would seem the fish gods are ignoring us and combined with external factors beyond our control the fishing seems destined to be more than a little challenging at this time.

However we are still hopeful that this could change as all the work has been done and the fish are in the vast waters at Leighton and is as so often the case fishing could pick up at any time.

Now while we don’t want to put anglers off fishing, we would like to forewarn you of the challenge you will be undertaking if you chose to fish today, and if you fail toattract the trout not to feel so bad as this seems to be the trend at present.

As of today, until closing day of Sunday 7th January 2018, the ticket price will be set at £15 for all day, two fish, hopefully this will help encourage a few more of you brave fishermen to take on the battle!

Many thanks Team Leighton

Ps. The fishing at Bessy Beck Trout Fishery which is stocked with the same trout as Leighton, is currently fishing extremely well.  Last week one angler returned 29, and yesterday in horrid conditions our only fisherman for the day caught and returned 18.  These guys are using sinking lines with lures, Orange Fritz being the most popular. 

Bessy Beck is altering its opening times and ticket system in line with Leighton, it will be open 7 days a week, with a self-service ticket office.  Please see websites for further information

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