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2021 Season closes Sunday 28th November, 2022 season starts Saturday 5th March All places must now be booked on line, anytime for any day, including the day you wish to fish on , 40 rod limit daily


It has been good to see so many anglers back on the bank at Leighton.  One of the most herd comments has been “just great to be able to get out again” Everyone is pleased to return to something near to normal. 

Team Leighton are stocking on a regular basis to ensure good catch returns, and we are getting lots of them.  Happy anglers! Along with the on line booking system, we would like to encourage anglers to post their successes on Facebook, you can private message Leighton with your catch return and each week we will repost one on the page and this one will get a free day’s sport ticket.  Message needs to include: name, date, details of catch and flies used.

Back in March when we introduced the on line booking system. Some folks were not happy as this meant that you had to pre book.  We have now made it so that you can book on the same day for all tickets.   This hopefully allows you to watch to the weather and then decide to come for a great days fishing at Leighton.

Team Leighton has a new edition, Louise, so now we are five

Louise is the extremely helpful one on the end of the phone line, and keeps the facilities clean.

Keep safe and keep fishing

Team Leighton

Leighton Reservoir is 7 days per week from 6 am to dusk, finishing time displayed on side of anglers hut

29th March sees travel restrictions lifted, happy days

On line bookings only – book any day, even today